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My name is Ashton Cillo!  I am a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. As an alumni, I graduated with my BFA in Animation, as well as, acquired a minor in Character Technical Direction. 


When, at the age of 20, I came across my first class in animation rigging, I was utterly frustrated. This word, however in this context, does not mean what most people would ascribe to it. Being frustrated in this rigging class strictly had to do with not finding out my passion soon enough! Not only did rigging give me a sense of overall calm, it allowed me to explore animated characters and their underlying "bones". 

Now, at the vital age of 24, I’m well-versed in many functions of rigging including: quadrupeds, biped, non-humans like animals, props, MEL, Python. Not only do I excel at these individual subjects, but I have a newfound passion for lighting and rendering my creations as well!

If you’re interested in talking about our passions in this growing entertainment industry, please send an email my way.

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